Samples and templates are available for use and/or modification as needed to meet community needs and employer human resource policies and procedures.

Wildernook Presentation – CSRC Video Call


Wildernook Fresh Air Experiences

Building a Community During a Pandemic

SMART Goals Worksheet


SMART Goals Worksheet Online

Crafting Smart Goals are designed to help you identify if what you want to achieve is realistic and determine a deadline. These worksheets are designed to help you succeed. When identifying goals, remember to focus on long term as well as short term.

Participant Attendance Record


Slips for recording the number and type of participants that attend programs.  Designed for later entry into the APPS online tool.

Program Ideas

Program Planning Guide


Program Plan Tips


Tips and techniques to use in the first three steps of planning sport, culture & recreation programs that meet your community needs (developed during the 2014 NC&SRCP Fall Orientation).

Program Summary Report

Program & Event Evaluation Tool

Incident Report Form

Marketing & Promotion Ideas

Volunteer Inventory

Dance Resource


100 Ways to Recognize Volunteers

Volunteer Leader Sign Up Sheet

Volunteer Certificate of Appreciation Sample

Leader Recruitment Letter for Parents

How to do a Community Project with Youth

Arts Activities Handbook


Simple to follow guide to art projects for both primary and secondary students.

Arts Activities Handbook Part 2


EVEN MORE simple to follow guide to art projects for both primary and secondary students.