Upon request or interest expressed from community NSCRD will work to support professional development opportunities such as:

  • Ball Field Maintenance,
  • Communities in Bloom,
  • Self-Care Series,
  • Managing Safe Play Spaces,
  • Arena Operator Level 1 & 2,
  • Building Maintenance Level 1 & 2,
  • Air Quality,
  • Curling Ice Technician,
  • Play Leadership and HIGH FIVE®/Quest 2,
  • Grant Writing, and
  • Rec Café – virtual meetings.

NSCRD coordinates virtual meetings with a focus on professional development, sharing with one another, gaining valuable information and resources. Connecting recreation leaders in Northern Saskatchewan. For more information on the next Rec Café look on the EVENTS PAGE for posted details.

 Northern Sask. Rec Professional 

Do you work and volunteer in your community in Sport, Culture & Recreation? NSCRD has a private Facebook Group called Northern Sask Rec Professional. It is a place to ask other communities what programs have worked for them, a place to share information instead of re-inventing the wheel, a place to ask, “what would you do in this situation?!”, a place to encourage & inspire each other; a place to connect with others in similar situations such as yours.

“We are the place where the ‘other half’ of the province goes to relax and enjoy life…. meanwhile, we get to live it daily. Together, let’s build each other up and inspire!”

If you are interested in becoming a part of this group, please reach out to Tonia at tlogan@nscrd.com to get hooked up!