The NSCRD is proud to be partnered with the Indigenous Coaching & Officials Program and the Coaches Association of Saskatchewan to increase the number of coaches and officials certified in the North.

What NSCRD can provide you and your community specific to NCCP multi-sport:

  • Work with member communities to plan & host NCCP multi-sport workshops. The workshops are as follow:

    • Competition Part A & B
    • Making Ethical Decision (MED)
    • Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS)
    • Indigenous Coaching Manual (ACM)
    • NCCP PD
  • Provide workshop hosting guidelines and procedures and assist in advertising/promotion in the district & province.

  • Promote upcoming coaching events, workshops, professional development sessions, conferences, coaching recognition, coaching grants & funding opportunities.

  • Support Coaches week in Saskatchewan and increase the number of facilitators trained to deliver NCCP.

Steps to Host your own Coaching or Officiating Clinic in your community”


If you’re looking to host your own workshop/clinic in your community, please look at the below guidelines to get started.

  1. Designate a contact person and determine what clinic your community is wanting to host?
  2. A minimum of 10 people is required and promotion in the surrounding areas. Start a sign-up sheet.
  3. Call NSCRD and Indigenous Coaches & Officials Program or the Provincial Sport Governing Body of the Sport that is needed to get started.
  4. Have dates, location, and contact person planned (NSCRD or ICOP will make poster).
  5. Be in contact with NSCRD or ICOP a few days before workshop to confirm signup and number of participants to guarantee clinic.
  6. Can Contact Ryan Karakochuk at (306)688-2122 NSCRD Program Manager for Sport or Natalie Lukiw at (306)975-0875 Indigenous Coaches & Officials Program the.

NSCRD will work with the facilitator on all the logistical work prior to the workshop and after the workshop to get participants trained and certified.

Looking for Coaches and Officials funding support?