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  • Miriam Kornor
  • Ernest McCallum
  • Danita Stallard
  • George Custer
  • Caron Dubnick
  • Dara Schindelka
  • Manny Campbell
  • Lanie's Creation by Lanie Campbell
  • Abigail Quibell
  • Kelleen Blouin

Northern Art & Culture Leaders

Kelleen Blouin

Kelleen Blouin

Box 11 Cranberry Portage, MB R0B 0H0


Box 422 Creighton, SK S0P0A0

Phone: 1204-687-0419

Nemihitowok Hoop Troupe Facebook & Instagram pages

Performance, i.e. Music/Drama/Dance

Traditional, i.e. Beading/Hide Tanning/Knowledge Keeper

This workshop can be done in person. I use puppets to facilitate the 7 Sacred Teachings through a story. I also tell the story of the circle of life through the hoop dance in the dark with light up hoops and I also have hoops for children to try the dance afterwards to complete the ceremony. The hoops are lighted so that the experience really shows how children are the light and our future. I also tell the story of the 7 Sacred teachings using hoops.