Spring Training

May 14, 2019 – May 15, 2019

Registration deadline: May 6, 2019

May 14 & 15, 2019


As a condition of funding for the NC&SRCP, this is a mandatory training for all Community & School
Recreation Coordinators (CSRCs). CSRCs must attend the entire duration of the mandatory
components of this training event.
Steering Committee Members and Community Partners are also welcome to attend.


• To provide personal and professional skill and leadership development opportunities (certification
where applicable) for CSRCs and Community Partners.
• To support networking among Northern Community & School Recreation Coordinators and
recreation leaders from Northern Saskatchewan.


There is no registration fee. Please fax registration forms no later than May 6, 2019.


All CSRC travel expenses are to be paid for through each site’s NC&SRCP grant training budget. All
participants are responsible for making their own travel and accommodation arrangements in
accordance with their respective employer policies.

Hotels will require a credit card or purchase order (P.O.) to confirm your booking. Each CSRC should
follow the policies of their organization/school to ensure that expense cheques are processed in
advance of the training and the hotel costs are covered according to their specific policies.

A block of rooms is reserved at the Coronet Hotel Phone: (306) 764-6441, but must be booked no later
than May 1, 2019.


All training sessions will take place at the following venue:


Practical Time Management

How to Make the Most of Precious Resource

Facilitated by: Bob Hornsberger – Whole Person Training and Consulting

Everyone wants more time. Unfortunately that isn’t always possible. Time is a paradox. We never seem to have
enough of it, yet we have all the time there is. Time, not activities, is the limiting factor. Tough choices must be
made, and something will always be left out. The problem then is not a shortage of time, but how we choose to
use the time available. In this workshop the focus will be on the philosophy that the things that matter most to
you must never be held hostage to those things that matter least. Three main time management behaviours will
be examined 1.) Patterns 2.) Paperwork 3.) Procrastination. Also, the use of Dr. Stephen Covey’s time
management model will be integrated into the workshop. Participants will be actively engaged in applying the
tools presented in the workshop to their specific time management issues.

Productive Conflict in Teams and Groups

Facilitated by: Bob Hornsberger – Whole Person Training and Consulting

Conflict is a natural part of living…without them life would be boring; with too many, life would be stressful. The
more we learn from conflict, the greater the chance of learning from them, reducing unnecessary ones and
managing future ones with more confidence. This workshop assists individuals in developing the skills in
facilitating conflict within work groups or teams. Participants are given an opportunity to co-facilitate a conflict
situation in a group of their own choosing or a role-play. Feedback loops are provided after each practice session.

About the Facilitator

Bob Hornsberger is a life time resident of Regina having been born, raised, educated and employed in the city
for over 70 years. Bob has over 48 years of experience in assisting organizations to change through thoughtful
planning and designing, delivering and evaluating learning programs to assist managers, supervisors and staff in
developing the competencies they require to help their organizations meet their challenges and goals. Bob also
provides coaching and counselling services to front line employees, supervisors, managers and executives in
assisting them in resolving professional and personal issues.


Tuesday, May 14th Coronet Hotel - Coronet Room

8:00 am Breakfast (provided) & Registration
9:00 am Practical Time Management
12:00 pm Lunch (provided)
1:00 pm Practical Time Management
5:00 pm Wrap Up (evening on your own)

Wednesday, May 15th Coronet Hotel - Coronet Room

8:00 am Breakfast (provided)
9:00 am Productive Conflict in Teams and Groups
12:00 pm Lunch (provided)
1:00 pm Productive Conflict in Teams and Groups
5:00 pm Wrap Up


Please note that all sessions are participatory sessions – meaning – you must
participate in a variety of activities and scenarios in order to gain understanding
of the learning outcomes.

Please come prepared to ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE in the entire training.
• Program calendar and upcoming events
• Note pad, pen
• A positive attitude

For further information, contact below:
Robert Kirschman (306) 688-2129
Robert Yew (306) 829-4348
Brandy Smart (306) 922-2004

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