NC&SRCP Fall Orientation

Oct 8, 2019 – Oct 9, 2019

Registration deadline: Oct 1, 2019

La Ronge Hotel and Suites, La Ronge SK




Communities participating in the Northern Community & School Recreation Coordinator Program are the primary targets for this training. Community & School Recreation Coordinators, Supervisors and Community Partners are invited to participate with the purpose of realizing the full potential of the program; participation requirements updates; and associated opportunities and benefits of being a participating community.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 8th: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Mandatory attendance for CSRCs & Supervisors or Community Partner (as per Annual Agreement)

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 9th: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Mandatory attendance for CSRCs

Representatives of the Community Partner Organizations, Steering Committee, Education Division or Education Authority are always invited and welcome to attend.



• To provide an overview of the NC&SRCP as a function of the Northern Sport, Culture & Recreation District.
• To discuss the purpose and development of successful local programs.
• To support local program leaders in their role implementing the Northern Community & School Recreation Coordinator Program.
• To provide a networking opportunity for participants to learn from one another’s experiences.



There is no registration fee. CSRCs are responsible for their travel, meals and accommodation costs through their NC&SRCP training budget. All other participants are responsible for their own travel expenses from their respective organization; please contact NSCRD if financial barriers  may prevent attendance. Please fax in registration forms no later than Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2019.



Please book your accommodations as soon as possible. Room rates are blocked with the La Ronge Hotel & Suites under Northern Sport, Culture& Recreation District until Sept. 25–but you must call and arrange your own reservation and payment before this date. La Ronge Hotel and Suites, La Ronge, 306-425-2190.

The hotel will require a credit card or purchase order(P.O.) to confirm your booking.  Each CSRC should follow the policies of their organization/school to ensure that expense cheques are processed in advance of the training and the hotel costs are covered according to their specific policies.



For further information, contact your NSCRD Community Relations Coordinator, or, Brandy Smart, Program Manager NC&SRCP Ph: 306-922-2044 Fax: 306-922-2021 Email:


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