Northern Drama

Northern Drama Festival Winners take on Regina!

Apr 12, 2019 – Apr 13, 2019



The Northern Drama Festival had 3 schools participate

The festival took place on April 12th in Buffalo Narrows at Twin Lakes School.


Pinehouse stole the show and took home the Best overall production for “I don’t want to talk about it” They had a cast and crew of 11 students! Kelly Miller the school social worker, took on the project as the director for the year, knowing the importance of having a drama program offered at the school.  


Green Lake School had a cast and crew of three students.  Their production took home the “Best Visual Production” – speaking with the two directors, Trina and Rita, they both felt that having the drama program was important even if it was just “three” students who participated, it was an opportunity offered for them that they would never would have other wise.


Senator Myles Venne school, had a very unique performance, a technical and visually complex production. Wanting to bring puppeteering to life, Lacy Eninew wrote and directed the production “Pasakwapisimowin”- A legend of wesakichak

. The Saskatchewan Drama association, NSCRD and Chanze Perry   Program Mentor. Were all impressed with this ambitious and creative production. SDA had offered an opportunity for the students of SMVS to perform at the Saskatchewan Drama Associations Provincial Festival on May 11th 2019.

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