Northern Drama

Northern Drama Festival Winners take on Regina!

May 4, 2018 – May 6, 2018

Congratulations to St. Pascal School in Green Lake for their Star Performance in their Production "13 signs you should stop being a pirate"  at the Northern Drama Festival in Buffalo Narrows. They were the festival winners and moved on to the provincial festival at the begining of May 2018.  They Closed the provincial festival with a standing ovation  and three awards!


Bravo! St Pascal School

Regional Awards:

St. Pascal Community School, Green Lake – “13 Signs You Should Stop Being A Pirate”

Spirit of Festival Award – Kaydence Laliberte               

Certificate of Merit for Technical Theatre – Anya Kolbeck for Backstage Assistance

Certificates of Merit for Acting – Phoenix Ray for the Role ‘Pirate Narrator’

                                                     Kaydence Laliberte for the Role ‘Jaime’

The Bob Hinitt Technical Performance Award – Runner-Up – Kayelyn Rasmussen for Lighting Design and Execution

The Mary Ellen Burgess Performance Award – Runner-Up – Liam Kolbeck for the Role ‘Pirate #1’

Acting Award – Anya Kolbeck for the Role ‘Pirate #2’

Provincial Awards St Pascal School

The Debbie Baker Cheer Award Phoenix Ray -

A Certificate of Merit for Acting Excellence - Phoenix Ray

A Certificate of Mert for Stage Management  - Kayelyn Rasmussen

The University of Regina Acting Award.  Liam Kolbeck

The Dr. George Falk Challenge Cup----The Dr. George Falk Challenge Cup is awarded by the Front of House Adjudicator to a play that represents a great challenge for students and adds immeasurably to the qualify of the Provincial Festival



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