2J2 Fitness

2J2 ran by Joel Pederson has partnered with NSCRD to deliver week long fitness instruction to over 15 Northern communities since 2013. The program is tailored to the specific needs and wants of the community. The full week is high energy from start to finish. Joel spends the daytime in Phys ED classes leading functional fitness workouts, drills for youth inspiring physical education teachers to increase physical activity programs. In the evenings he works to meet community requests for womans self defense, back to basics boot camp, sport specific team training, mentorship for future fitness instructors, and any other programs the community identifies as priorities.


The NSCRD continues to seek partnership to bring 2J2 Fitness north to strengthen physical activity awareness, education and fitness programming. The program scope of Fitness 2J2 aligns with our aim to increase participation opportunities that facilitate community development in the North. We are excited for our continued building of this program.

To find out more about 2J2 Fitness please visit www.fitness2j2.com